sidefaceBarbara Wild (born as Barbara Wildberger) has established herself as one of the top Swiss female violin/fiddle players and vocalist/backing vocalist. Barbara is performing with the elite of the Swiss country and pop scene. She also has chances to perform with International known bands, here in Switzerland when they are on tour, and also in other countries. She loves performing at all kind of venues, from small clubs and private party’s to big concert halls and festivals. Barbara Wilde feels most comfortable and at home on stage, performing live in front of an audience.

Barbara has a big sense for melody and groove. Her powerful, cheerful and gentle personality reveals wonderfully in her music. Barbara’s musical talent, instrumental skills, and her determination to deliver musical precision while maintaining a playful manner, make her a musician, violinist and singer, who is both enjoyable and professional to work with either on stage or in the recording studio.

Barbara Wild is performing or has performed with many bands such as:

Gary Scott (USA/CH), Jenny Casey (USA), Tony Lewis & Tuff Love (CH/USA), Las Vegas Country Band (CH), The Good Brothers (CAN), Marco Gottardi (CH), Reto Burrell (CH/USA), Joe Douglas (USA), Chicken Fischer (GB/CH), Jeff Turner (AUS/CH),  Triple Bypass (CH/USA), Lucky Al & the Gundfighters (CH/I), Eliane Müller (CH) (Das Grösste Schweizer Talent), Andy Martin (CH),  Two Rocks Band (CH), Rudi Nelson (Norway), Pull-Over Party Band (CH), Frankie Desoto (GB), Marshall Morlock Band (USA), Randy Thompson (USA), Virginie Schaefer (F), Steve Waylon Band (Can), Dead String Brothers (USA), Casey Adams (USA) among other artists

Venues where Barbara Wild has performed:

Intern. Country Music Festival Albisgüetli Zurich, Country & Trucker Festival Interlaken, Country Night in Gstaad, Country Night Grindelwald, Blue Balls Festival Luzern, Klewenalp Country Festival, Palace Hotel St. Moritz, Hotel Schatzalp Davos, Grandhotel Schweizerhof Luzern, KKL Luzern, KKThun, Kursaal Interlaken, Piazza Grande Locarno, Marine Ball of the U.S. Embassy in Geneva, Little Nashville Saloon, Rattlesnake Saloon Munich, Germany, Country Festival in Dänemark, Spain, Nashville, Cliff’s Ranch in San Francisco, California U.S.A., Smoking Tuna Saloon, Key West, FL, and many more.

Barbara Wild was raised in a musical and artistic family. Barbara’s father can hear the perfect pitch and is a good piano player, Barbara’s mother sings. Barbara started singing as a child and later, at the age of 10 she choosed the violin. With 13 years, at the gymnasium, she could join the classical orchestra there. As a teenager she got inspired by pop and rockmusic, later also by country and jazz. Barbara Wilde graduated at the WIAM, Academy for Contemporary Music, (Jazzschool), in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Barbara was born and raised on the shores of Lake Constance in Switzerland. Perhaps it’s her roots which explain why Barbara feels most comfortable around the element of water, be it a sparkling clear lake or the ocean where she feels inspired by the sound of churning and foaming waves and by breakers spilling and crashing onto the beach.

Barbara Wild loves music, traveling, nature, swimming, hiking, windsurfing and yoga. She has always an open heart for new challenges, friends, partys and adventures. She likes beautiful and peaceful places.

“It makes me happy to make other people happy and touch their heart through music”